Give Together Australia creates massive online giving days that support small and medium charities to raise awareness, funds and build capability

What is a
Giving Day?

A Giving Day is one day of massive online giving where our community can discover and donate to many different local causes.  Imagine a virtual Town Hall open for 24 hours with stalls for all the small and medium charities to make their pitch and collect donations.

By working together charities enjoy increased exposure with bonus gifts and games to make fundraising fun.

Giving Days have
three simple steps


Charities sign up on the GivingDay platform and create a campaign. It's easy to do and all small to medium registered charities are eligible


In the lead up to the day charities share their GivingDay campaign and ask their supporters to contribute on the day.


On the day charities promote their campaign, collect donations, win prizes and thank their supporters.

Why hold a
Giving Day?

Small and medium sized charities do great work but can struggle to raise funds in our competitive market place.   This is often due to lack of knowledge around fundraising and marketing or limited community awareness.  Giving Days amplify smaller charitable voices, build charities fundraising capabilities and engage donors in a new fun way to give.  Rather than competing with each other, charities collectively leverage the power of massive online giving.


90% of the sectors income


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of the charities

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10% of the charities

Give Together Australia aims to shift that dial to support the smaller charities

Small and Medium Charities in Australia
0 %
Are entirely voluntary run


Giving Days build the capability of small and medium charities to resource their own important social change


Giving Days bring charities together to increase awareness of their cause and showcase their activities


Giving Days make giving fun and easy. They grow giving, motivate supporters, and attract both new and multi-cause donors.

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